TOLpro 4

TOLpro 4 supports manufacturers in evaluating, calculating and establishing tolerances for thermoplastic moldings.

  • Extensive material database
    reinforced and unreinforced materials.
  • Calculation of tolerances
    taken into account in relation to shape-related and non-shape-related dimensions.
  • Automatic determination of the overall tolerance according to DIN 16901
    and according to the norms of the Swiss watch industry. (TSU)
  • Determination of the minimum required total tolerance (EGT)
    based on measurement report machine capability index Cm.
  • Comparison of calculated values with the achievable range of tolerance.


TOLpro 4 Screenshot


  • Multi-project capability
    Editing any number of projects simultaneously.
  • Network capability
    for the shared use of project data on the network.
  • Intelligent search for materials.
  • Intuitive user interface
    Fast recording and calculating of tolerances.
  • Multilingual user interface
    German, English. (Other languages in preparation)
  • Printing of project data and tolerance values.
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8